Getting Up to Some Nowhere Shit

  1. What we claim, we are.
  2. Accepting even the stranded, strange, and seemingly illegitimate is the black elder’s aim.
  3. Struggle.
  4. Not only does the tradition ennoble those who come after, but by following in it, one honors those who went before.
  5. Tradition is what we take, but also what we make of it.
  6. Martine Syms, Implications and Distinctions: Format, Content and Context in Contemporary Race Film, $20. Look. Purchase.
  7. Martine Syms and Marco Braunschweiler, Reference Work, a conceptual business textbook intended to demystify some of the day-to-day operations of a cultural business and expand the definition of commercial success. Look. Sold out.
  8. Martine Syms, Fools, a short story about a young white man's search for decolonial love, $8. Look. Purchase.
  9. Lauren Anderson, Matters, an edited transcription of a film comedy annotated by the artist, $14. Look. Purchase.
  10. Martine Syms, New Guards, a collection of found scans from a water damaged copy of Stephen Shames' seminal monograph The Black Panthers. Images by Bert Stabler. Look. Sold out.
  11. Diamond Stingily, Love, Diamond, a reprint of the artist's first diary written as an 8 year old on the West Side of Chicago, $8. Look. Purchase.
  12. Cat Roif, Moonlight Rollerway, portfolio of images capturing the various personalities who spends their days and nights at a Miami roller rink, $5. Look. Purchase.
  13. Marco Braunschweiler, Untitled (Newspaper 13), series in which the artist documents the paper wrapping his daily bouquet of flowers, $5. Look. Purchase.
  14. David Hartt, Belvedere, a suite of formally austere photographs made at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy in Midland, Michigan, $25. Look. Purchase.
  15. David Hartt and James Goggin, Ayn Rand Paul Rand Corp. tote, $12. Look. Purchase.
  16. Marco Braunschweiler and Ben Medansky, Buttends, anthropomorphic ceramic bookends, the perfect way to buttress your book collection, $300. Look. Inquire.
  17. Ships via USPS Priority Mail. All sales final. Questions. Cart.