• matters_01


Lauren Anderson

Matters is an edited transcription of a film comedy annotated by artist Lauren Anderson. Anderson uses this found text to craft a theory of art that is inspired by modern comedy.

  • buttends

Butt Ends

Marco Kane Braunschweiler

A handmade set of anthropomorphic terracotta bookends, the perfect way to buttress your book collection. Made to order.

  • fools_01


Martine Syms

Fools is a short story about a young white man’s search for decolonial love in Chicago. The story uses romance to explore mirrored reactions to the experience of segregation in America.

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Reference Work

Marco Kane Braunschweiler and Martine Syms

Reference Work is a conceptual business textbook intended to demystify some of the day-to-day operations of a cultural business and expand the definition of commercial success.


  • implications_01

Implications & Distinctions

Martine Syms

A look at performances of blackness in contemporary cinema from 1990 – present. By examining story lines, movie theaters and her own viewing patterns, Syms attempts to find the “color line” and trace its path through the distribution and exhibition of film. Published by Future Plan and Program.